Travel Guide of North East Aegean Islands, Greece

Have you ever wondered of what it truly means to be happy?  Maybe it’s the little joys and light moments in our everyday lives that turn out to be the best…things like a smile on a child’s face, or the sound of waves crashing ashore on a warm, summer’s day while enjoying your holidays. 

Let the islands of the North East Aegean Sea tempt you to discover the hidden beauties of Greece and lose yourself in our blissful moments, ones that will make you once again feel free, full of life and in harmony with the surrounding world. If you are looking for an adventurous travel fulfilled with the best moments, visit Greece and meet the fantasy of the Greek islands.

Won’t you visit us?

If you enjoy travelling and getting the chance to meet the most amazing places, Greece, especially the Greek islands, is the perfect choice for you. This is a map point where tourism owns a significant part and as a result you will find several options for any kind of holidays you wish to have. If, for example, you are looking for cheap holidays, you will find variety of cheap accommodation in the Greek islands. Travel along with your family and explore the beauties of Greece while searching for the best spots.    

Greece, where the West and the East come together, is a stone’s throw from the shores of Asia Minor, and her North East Aegean Islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Limnos, Ikaria and her smaller islands of Inousses, Fourni, Psara, Thimena and Agios Efstratios, perfectly complement the mosaic that makes up the Greek mainland and her islands.

A visit in the North East Aegean islands will reveal to you a truly unique combination of historical customs and traditions that date back thousands of years, Greek mythology and an ecologically diverse environment. While travelling here, be prepared to experience the most exciting holidays in Greece.      

The Aegean islands guard the best hidden beauties, awaiting for you to explore them. Take a relaxed yet intriguing walk through the narrow, cobblestone streets and footpaths of poet Sappho and Nobel-winning poet Elytis’ home of Lesvos and her old-world, picturesque villages.  The alluring and gentle melody of their lyric poetry will convince you that Lesvos is exactly as promised; a magical land saturated with the licorice smell of Greek ouzo.  Just as the time of Homer, you’ll fall for the aromas of Chios as well, and her sweet-tasting mastic, known as the best and most unique local product. Samos, and her high mountain peaks, chiseled by the Goddess Hera herself, and the birthplace of Pythagoras, will captivate your senses with the local Muscat wine.  

If you choose to spend your holidays on the island of Limnos,  you might feel the presence of the God Hephaestus playing with fire and brimstone, while in Ikaria you’ll uncover the secrets to longevity, that dates back to the descendants of the mythical figure Icarus.  Fourni and Thimena, also known as the Pirate Islands, will captivate your heart, while Inousses, the naval island, and the glorious Psara will bring you back to the days of the Greek Revolutionary War, conjuring up images of the fierce naval battles that took place there.  

Finally, during your holidays on the tiny islands of Agios Efstratios and Thimena, you will probably come across the Mediterranean seal “monachus-monachus”, hidden along the coastline’s rich biodiversity.    

The aqua, blue-green waters contrast beautifully with the lush, green landscape, as it gently hugs the steep rock cliffs and numerous beaches, inlets and bays. The variety of beaches found on all the islands will excite you and your family. Besides, travelling in the Aegean islands is an excellent choice for family holidays. The dense pine forests, natural caverns, waterfalls and thermal hot springs are prevalent on most of the North East Aegean islands, all of which contribute to their paradise-like atmosphere.  

Take a swim in the Mavra Volia of Chios with its calm, tranquil waters and black, lava- pebble beaches, or the 6 miles of coastline and beaches of Vatera, Lesvos, or in the “Seychelles” of Ikaria. When you do find yourself on wondrous Ikaria, on your “must see” list is the Randy Forest, with its tall, overarching and ageless trees, the Chalaris Gorge to the wooded area of Nas, or follow the footpath to see the ridges scarred with red footprints.  In Limnos, the impressive and expansive sand dunes will offer you the best view and make you feel like you just woke up in the middle of the Sahara Desert!       

The North East Aegean islands have other remarkable examples of geological phenomena for you to see and experience; such as the Faraklou (volcanic formations) of Limnos and the Petrified Forest of Lesvos (Global Geopark), which is one of only two places on earth where you’ll find this phenomena (Arizona).  

Both the Faraklou and the Petrified Forest display the morphological uniqueness of the land, which is, apparently, an important element of the tourism that the Aegean region offers. Did you ever wonder, though, how this wild and beautiful landscape could create such tranquility and peacefulness?

The odd, yet undeniable natural and physical beauty of these islands…these are the secrets that lie awaiting for you to discover during your holidays in Greece.  

The wetlands and their surrounding habitat (where you’ll find flamingo in Lesvos and other birds and waterfowl) are part of the European project “Natura 2000”, and will lure you to engage in nature walks, bird watching and other outdoor activities that will no doubt give you a sense of being one with Mother Nature and provide the perfect scenery for family holidays.  

Visit these ecological landscapes, explore them and maybe you’ll find some hidden natural treasures of your own…one you’ll definitely want to see is the magical Panagia Krifti (a small hidden chapel next to the sea) on Lesvos.      

The North East Aegean islands offer a kind of tourism that focalizes in the common history they share, having been along the same pirate routes and conquered by invaders, without ever forgetting their traditions, customs and way of life that bonds them.

The element of tradition is strongly grounded in the everyday life of the residents and culminates around the days leading up to Holy Easter with a stirring array of rituals that can be particular to an island, such as; the mini-rocket wars of Vrontades (Chios) and the firing of rifles in Marathokambo, Samos.  There are other traditional celebrations, with the Feast of the Taurus on the island of Lesvos standing out.  All the Aegean islands are closely connected through these local religious traditions and rituals.

Travelling on these islands means  taking a walk through Old World Europe as you meander your way around small, quaint villages…you’ll find stone-cut homes, cobblestone roads, other period homes, thermal hot springs and baths, windmills, castles, etc.  Learn about the area’s history, art and architecture and travel in bygone times by visiting one of the many modern museums, archeological sites and permanent and seasonal exhibits.  

In Samos, you will be amazed by the Tunnel of Eupalinos, where by many accounts, is the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World, as well as the Temple of Hera.  Visit the monument of  Daskalopetra in Omiropoli, Chios and the Black Butte on Psara, where a significant piece of the Greek War of Independence played out.

Peruse through the Maritime Museum on Inouses to learn about their glorious naval history and experience an exciting travel to the glory of old times.  Also interesting and intriguing are the religious and spiritual shrines of Lesvos. Visit the church and monastery of St. Raphael and its historically significant founding, to the Taxiarches of Mandamados and its relief image of Archangel Michael comprised of mud and blood, to the Holy Mother Mary Zion of Agiasos and its miracle-bearing icon “Virgin Mary and Child”, and the miracle-yielding icon and shrine of Agia Markella in Chios are some of the best examples of this.  

At this point nature merges with tradition, where high-quality products such as honey, wine and olive oil are derived from the local earth’s natural resources.  The sweet red wine of Samos has its own journey through the centuries, as does the famous ouzo aperitif of Lesvos.  Also among these products unique to the Northern Aegean islands are the Pramnios wine of Ikaria, the high proof wine of Limnos, and the well-known wine of Inousses, which has been around since antiquity.

Not to be left out are thyme honey of Thimena, fresh fish of Fourni, the tasty sardines of Kalloni (Lesvos), the sweet acorns, syrup-candied fruits, spicy cheeses and beans of Agios Efstratios, the traditional hand-woven baskets of Limnos, cheeses of Lesvos and the mastic of Chios.  The traditional hand-woven fabrics that can be found across the islands will absolutely impress you with their craftsmanship, high quality and variety. Finally, take in the irresistable aromas of kiskek at the Feast of the Bull or the famous yogurt of Samos, the recipe of which has its roots in Asia Minor.  

As for your stay, you will find cheap accommodation all over the Aegean islands, which offer the ideal environment for family holidays as well as cheap. Try the camping if you are fond of the alternative accommodation, or well - known hotels, if you are looking for affordable luxury.

This visit will leave a lasting impact on you…who could ever forget that deep blue sea….and will remain in your thoughts….that beautiful sun of the Grecian skies….  With an eye on tradition, the North East Aegean islands form an ideal place for anyone to escape from the everyday norm and urban life, away from the conventional tourism. Taste the magic of special, yet cheap, holidays by choosing to visit our islands!

A travel to the Aegean islands, which are among the most unique Greek islands, promises to offer you some of the best moments in your lifetime.

Visit them and experience for yourself our diverse and exclusive tastes, sounds and aromas, and take with you a keepsake from the East!

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