Pagondas is built at an altitude of 180 meters on mount Bournia and is twelve kilometers away from Pythagorion. Formerly called Krimizikioi, it took its current name after a settlement of Euboea, from where Pagondas ’s first settlers came.

Pagondas is located in an area full of olive trees and vineyards and has a spectacular view to the Aegean Sea and the fertile plains of Chora. Sights of Pagonds village are the enchanting temple of Agia Triada (dates back to the 19th century), the Church Museum, the church of Jesus Christ (a monument of the 16th century), the old school, the ruined oil press and the public laundries, which are also known as Great Fount. Only a little outside the village, you will find many remnants of deserted mills. It is also worth being noted that in Pagondas you can find traditional cottage industries, which produce handmade textiles.

  • Adres: Pagondas Samos
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