Prehistoric Myrina




•    From the 4th to 3rd millennium B.C. Myrina developed into an urban powerhouse
•    You’ll find the ancient settlement in Richa Nera

The first evidence of human existence in this area dates back to the Late Neolithic Period in the 4th millennium B.C. during the Early Bronze Age (3rd to 4th millennium B.C.).  Myrina evolved into a sprawling, urban center, with its first settlers along the shallow waters of the harbor and shoreline. Over the years of 2,600-2,000 B.C. the population swelled to 3,500 residents and the city limits covered more than 80,000 acres.  The archeological dig revealed that ancient Myrina had a specific, urban plan with complex masonry sewer pipe system and narrow, cobblestone streets between dwellings.    

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  • Adres: Myrina, Limnos
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