At Mountain Epos, near the settlement of Vrontados have recently been discovered ancient buildings of the 5th century. From the findings that were found in the region, it becomes obvious that the village was inhabited by farmers and pastoralists after the Classic until the Roman years.

Remains were also found in the areas of Gyrisma (“Spin”), Evriaki, Kambouri (“Hump”) and Astyfidolakkos. However, the most important findings are in Rimokastro and Astyfidolakko. These are wells, vases, figurines as well as ancient buildings. In Rimokastro has been preserved the base of a house which was built of large limestone. What is more, in Astyfidolakko are piles of stones known as “Soroi Grias” who helped to cultivate the land by people of that era.

For lovers of hiking, we would suggest to go the distance of 4 kilometers from Rimokastro until Astyfidolakko to admire the ancient buildings of the area.

  • Adres: Rimokastro Chios
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