What I will see and do around Romanou village:

•    Traditional, white-washed windmills
•    Homes of stone masonry
•    Holy Temple Gennisios of Christou

Romanou village is home to a mere 500 people and is named after Romanos the Melodist.  The Egyptian-style mansions that decorate the main streets were built back in the 19th century.  In Romanou you’ll enjoy seeing the many traditional windmills, stone-built schoolhouses and other notable buildings.  You can also visit the church Gennisios of Christou, built around 1830, complete with original iconography and the ruins of the ancient city of Ag. Germain (Komi).  To take a breather and cool off, find the rock of gushing spring water, located at the eastern entrance to the village.       




  • Adres: Romanou Limnos
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