Nea Moni

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The Byzantine monastery of Nea Moni is one of the most remarkable monuments in the world and it is protected by UNESCO. It was founded in the 11th century in honor of the Virgin Mary and it is located in…

Moni Moundon

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Moundon Monastery is the second most important monastery of the island after Nea Moni. It is located near the villages Diefha and Volissos of the municipality of Amanis and is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. This is a large…

Agios Minas

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The monastery of Agios Minas is perched on a hilltop near the village Neohori and is known worldwide for the tragic massacre in 1822. It was built in 1572-1595 by priest Neophytos and his son Menas, when Patriarch was Jeremiah…

Saint Markella

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Among the most important religious monuments of the Aegean Sea, Saint Markella of Chios occupies a special place and the icon of Saint Markella is one of the most revered and is said to be miraculous. In the beautiful village…
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