Bella Vista

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At just a stone’s throw away from the capital city’s downtown, lies the beautifully-maintained and bustling beach at Bella Vista. The deep sand and pebble beach at Bella Vista create an ideal place for outdoor beach activities, such as volleyball,…

Karfas beach

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If one travels roughly 7 km from the capital city of Chios, you’ll come across the cosmopolitan beach at Karfas, one of the most public-friendly beaches on the island. Karfas’ warm, shallow waters entice you to take a relaxing and…

Agia Fotia

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This pebble beach at Agia Fotia, as the local residents call it, owes its name to the nearby little church of Agia Fotini. This beach and area is approximately 11 km from the capital city of Chios, on the northeastern…

Ormos Lo

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As its name indicates, this small beach at Ormos Lo is located in a scenic area along the eastern shore of the island, around 5 km from the city and next to Daskalopetra. It is one of the most well-kept…


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Thimiana is 7 km away from the town of Chios. The village was previously called “Effimiana” that means famous place, a name which reminds us the famous stone of Thymiana that is quarried in the region. From this reddish stone…
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