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Pyrgi is one of the largest and most beautiful medieval villages of the whole island. Many even call it “painted” because of the impressive projects that bear the facades of the buildings. It should also be mentioned that the village…


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Let’s take a trip back a few centuries, and discover the picturesque castle in the village of Mesta, which lies along the southern coastline of the island. Mesta’s long, storied past is interwoven with tradition and her beautiful, natural landscapes,…


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Olympi village is one of the beautiful medieval villages of the area of Mastihohoria and it has been declared a protected monument. It lies about six kilometers from Pyrgi and was built during the 14th century. Today, its residents are…


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The traditional settlement of Kalamoti was built during the 14th century by the Genoese conquerors. The villagers are mainly engaged in agriculture as well as in the production of mastic. What is more, in the fertile plains of the area…


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In a fertile valley near Kalamoti, stands the medieval settlement of Armolia. The villagers have kept for years the tradition of ceramic art. In the local laboratories produce beautiful clay creations (vases, bowls, pitchers) with great enthusiasm as well as…
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