Mavra Volia

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By far the most impressive beach on the island, due to its unique volcanic-created beauty, is Mavra Volia. On the island’s southside, near the village of Pyrgi and the harbor of Emporio, you’ll find the scenic and eye-catching beach….with its…


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The popular and inviting beach at Komi sits at a distance of 25 km from the capital city, and its closest village is Kalamoti. The smooth sand, crystal-clear waters and modern tourist resort are a magnet for anyone looking for…


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The pebble-sand beach of Lilikas is adjacent to the touristy Komi Beach, and approximately 27 km from the island’s capital city. If accessing this beach via Komi is not convenient, you can also follow an unpaved road from the village…


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On the southern end of the island, near the medieval village of Pyrgi and at a distance of 33 km from the capital city, lies the beach at Vroulidia. This beach stands out by her bluest-of-blue waters, the fine, white…
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