Sand Dunes




•    Vast, expansive areas of sand dunes creating an awe-inspiring landscape
•    You’ll swear you just landed in the desert
•    The most impressive of the sand dunes are called Gomati, in the village of Katalakko

The sand dunes, also known as “Pachies Ammoudies”, are by far the most attractive element of the island Limnos.  These mirage-like dunes are what make this Northern Aegean islands stand out and give it its magical appeal to visitors and locals alike.   

The sand dunes, also interpreted as sandy hills, were created by natural erosion caused by the prevailing winds blowing across the sea.  This “sea of sand” is brought up alongside the Limnos coastline and creates this amazing phenomenon.  The ever-changing terrain and landscape of the sand dunes are accompanied by the deep-blue colors of the Aegean Sea…making for an unforgettable sight!

One can find sand dunes at several different spots across the island, but the largest and most impressive lie along the northwestern coast, in an area called “Gomati”, spanning some 70 acres!  Once you lay eyes on this wonder of Mother Nature, you will agree that the moniker afforded it “The Sahara of Europe” is well justified…you might get confused and think you are in the desert!  With the exception of white lilies brought in from the island Hephaestus, the complete lack of vegetation and plant growth and the vast expanse of thick, rolling sand will leave you perplexed and astounded.           

To reach the sand dunes, you will need to take the road leading out of the village Katalakkos.  A pair of sneakers and the willingness and energy to explore Mother Nature at her best are a must to fully enjoy the sand dunes.    





  • Adres: Katalakko, Limnos
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