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Siroko Windsurfing and Kitesurfing School at Keros Beach of Limnos
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Siroko Windsurfing and Kitesurfing school
Keros beach


Hotel reservations and equipment booking Stefan Raev & Senior Instructor Radoslav Raev
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We are proud to introduce to you the newest center of the SIROKO surfing school chain

Following 15 years of experience, persistent search and a lot of luck, we came across the most beautiful spots we have ever seen – the KEROS BEACH on the Greek Island LIMNOS.

The beautiful nature protected by Nature 2000, the absence of large hotels (mass tourism) and the abundance of wind almost throughout the year are only some of the reasons that will make you visit us. Adding the brand new material (Starboard), the experienced team and the 300 m shallows, the picture is complete and perhaps you are already watching the weather forecast for the next weekend.

Siroko Surf school

If we should describe the training conditions at the Keros Bay, there is only one word close to reality and it is PERFECT. I have been surfing and teaching at many places, but I have never seen so many factors on one spot facilitating those that want to learn something about surfing. 
Notwithstanding, you are making first steps on the board, water start, or power jibe, you cannot find a better place than Keros.

That’s what makes the spot unique

- gulf, which in combination with the prevailing northeast winds does not allow carrying the surfers away into the open sea

- shallows with width approximately 150-250 m and length several kilometers allowing the beginners to stay always safe on the shallows saving their energy at the multiple falls

- the shore and the bottom are of pure sand and actually you cannot hurt your legs

- water so smooth that the balance exercises are almost unnecessary

- absence of casual sunbathers, people swimming around and waiting to be hit on the head by the mast

- wind parallel to the shore (sideshore), which is the most appropriate of all directions for all surfing levels

Siroko Kitesurfing

Welcome to the world of Kiteboarding, one of the fastest growing sports today. Kiteboarding uses the power of the wind to pull you through the water on a board. There are many styles to choose from: you can cruise around, jump to incredible heights, go for speed, ride the waves and much more. Kiteboarding is extremely fun and anyone can do it with the proper instruction. The equipment is very portable and can fit in a backpack so you can take your new passion with you wherever you go.   Once you start you will never want to stop and every day will be living for the thrill of the next ride!

Come and try it out!

Keros beach provides ideal learning conditions. Learn and ride in flat shallow water surrounded by the beautiful Limnos landscape. Enjoy riding with lots of room, warm waters and consistent side offshore winds!

For the 2011 season, surf station “Siroko” proudly presents the kitesurfing department including:
    •    Professional instruction according to the highest safety standards set by IKO (International Kiteboarding Association).
    •    Individual or group lessons with a maximum of 3 students per instructor.
    •    Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses as well as rentals for experienced riders.
    •    The latest gear from Slingshot and Airush kites in sizes from 4 to 15 m.
    •    RRD, Airush and Crazyfly kiteboards in sizes from 131 – 158 cm.

Whether you would like to just have a taste of the sport or take an intensive training course, we would be pleased to safely guide you through the Learning Process.  On your way to becoming an independent rider you will go through The 3 Levels of our IKO Learning Program and leave with an internationally recognized kiteboarding license.

One gulf – all conditions for surfing?
Sounds almost heretical, but it is a fact – Keros offers everything that you can desire. From absolutely smooth water in the north end of the gulf, through one-meter-high waves in the south end, to 2,5-meter waves at the way out from the gulf. 
In the last years, we spent lots of time on the island and we haven’t seen any surfer or kite surfer who hasn’t found his conditions for surfing.

in the north part of the Keros Bay you can find a spot that will satisfy all high speed and free style lovers. The shore is free of pebbles and hedgehogs, and the width of the shallow part is from 200 to 300 m along its whole length.
The highest wind speeds are obtained till 12 a.m. Then, at northeast it turns from north and falls to 4 Beauforts. The new Siroko center is located there.

The Wave spot is located at the most southern part of the Keros Bay. The conditions are perfect almost every morning till 11 a.m. Waves are about 1 m high. High, sheer and come a little side-onshore. Extremely perfect for jumping and exercising any maneuvers in the air. Easy to jump 2,5 -3 m high. The entire spot is shallow and absolutely safe.

We are here and waiting for you!




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