Tarsanas of Agios Isidoros

Tarsanas is located on the west coast, at Agios Isidoros location, not far away from the settlement of Kallithea. It is close to the sea and one of the oldest shipyards that existed in Samos during the 19th century. There used to be built wooden boats, trawls and crafts from experienced craftsmen of many small firms of the area.

During the past two centuries, shipyards had been organized in many ports of the island. The Samian ships are considered to be the best by far of the Aegean, as they were made of the famous pine trees that thrive on the island. Nowadays, most of those shipyards have been shut down because of the industrialization. Although, in Agios Isidoros, there is still one devotee craftsman, who maintains the old tradition of building wooden boats.

If you wish to visit the shipyard, you should follow the dirt road that starts about four kilometers outside the settlement of Drakei.


  • Adres: Agios Isidoros,Samos
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