The Castle of Lycurgus

The castle of Lycurgus stands imposing on the top of a hill near the village of Pythagorion. It was built in 1824, by the leader of the Greek Revolution in Samos, Kycurgus Logothetis, on the ruins of archaeological buildings and served as headquarters and stronghold of the Samians in their defense against the Ottomans.

The castle is made of stone and its length reaches 400 meters. Due to its location, visitors can gaze at the sea and the beautiful settlement of Pythagorion from above. Next to the castle, you will find the enchanting Cathedral temple of Metamorphosis, as well as the ruins of various ancient buildings that came to light after excavations in the area.

Finally, it should be noted that the interior of the castle is a museum.


  • Adres: Pythagorion
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