Therma village Ikaria

In a very picturesque bay, only 3 kilometers northeast of Agios Kirikos, lies the village of Therma. The village is well- known for the hot springs existing there and is the main resort on the island of Ikaria, attracting many visitors every year. This little village has been famous since Antiquity under the name of Thermae or Asklipis and many inhabitants from all over Ancient Greece and Asia used to come here to visit the hot springs.

Take a tour at the seaside of Therma among the small white houses with the beautiful balconies. At the central square of the picturesque village you will find traditional cafes and taverns waiting for you to enjoy local delicacies and hang out with the very hospitable residents. In the area, you will be able to find many accommodations that can offer you a pleasant and comfortable stay.

  • Adres: Therma Ikaria
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