The Thimena is an island that belongs in the municipality of Fourni- Korseon and is the second largest after the homonymous island, covers a total area of 10.071 square kilometers and its population is 151 inhabitants. Geographically, Thimena is located between the western part of Fourni and Ikaria‘s eastern part, called Saint Kirikos. Administratively, is part of the prefecture of Samos, just like the whole complex of Fourni islands.

It is said that the name derives from the word "thimari” (thyme), which grows widely on the island. Due to its rich biodiversity, the island has been designated as an Area of Natural Beauty and is a part of the European project "NATURA 2000" along with Fourni and other islands, as a Special Protection Area (SPA). The characterization is evidenced by the many birds that choose to breed there, factor that ranks the island among the 196 important bird areas of Greece (IBAG). Such species are for example the shag, the falcon and short-toed eagle. Moreover, the prohibition of hunting on the island has resulted in abundant partridges; a measure able to contribute to the protection of migratory species as well.

The sea around the island, which is characterized by shallow depths and relatively small slopes are ideal for the development of coastal habitats, where the endangered seal monachus monachus proliferates, as well as several species of dolphins and sea turtles. Those habitats highlight even more the importance of Thimena as a place of protection and make it stand out for its wildlife.

The highest peak of the island is “Simea” (Flag) that reaches an altitude of 564 meters. The coasts of Thimena are steep, with many cavities and are characterized by the existence of inlets and bays. For this reason, the coastline of the island is disproportionately large compared to its size, a feature found throughout the complex of those islands.
The occupations of the residents are similar to those of Fourni; fisheries, farming and beekeeping to produce thyme honey are growing continuously.


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