Thimiana is 7 km away from the town of Chios. The village was previously called “Effimiana” that means famous place, a name which reminds us the famous stone of Thymiana that is quarried in the region. From this reddish stone were built many churches and mansions not only of the island but also of Asia Minor.

In the park of the village you will find the statue of the hero Giannis (“John”) Fatouros, who fell heroically in battle with the Ottomans in 1822. You can also visit the church of Agios Efstratios, built with the stone of Thymiana. If you go up a little, you will find the Moni Agion Anargyron (“Monastery of St. Anargyroi”) near the traditional windmills.

It is worth driving a little farther away, near the village Neochori and visit the historical monastery of St. Menas, which became world famous in 1822 from the tragic massacres of Ottomans. Other beautiful churches of the area are those of Agion Saranda, Agias Vassas, Ypapantis (“Monastery of Hypapante”) as well as the church of Agios Trifonas (“St. Trifon”). What is more, you can take a tour to the village Kerameia and admire the tower of Ai Giannis (“St. John”) which exists in the village for more than two centuries.

For those who love the beach we suggest them to visit the cosmopolitan beaches of Mega Limniona (“Great Lake”) and Agia Ermioni (“Saint Hermione”) as well as the deserted beach of Mavri (“Black”) which is near the village Kerameia.

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