Top Gastronomical Tastes of the North Eastern Aegean Islands


• The well-known ouzo of Lesvos
• The ‘one of its kind’ mastic of Chios
• The sweet wine Muschat of Samos
• The strong, bold wines of Limnos
• The famous, ancient wines of Inousses
• The Pramneio wine of Ikaria
• The fresh, select fish and seafood of Fourni and Psara
• The tasty sardines of Kalloni, Lesvos
• The sweet acorns and beans of Agios Efstratios
• The “giorti” recipe of Samos, the traditional “keskek” of Lesvos and the “bourelikia” of Inousses
• The spicy cheeses, such as the “kalathaki” (basket) cheeses of Limnos, oil cheeses of Mytilene, the “kasseri” cheeses of Eresos and the “mastelo” cheeses of Chios
• The local, homemade sweet preserves and jams
• The eclectic thyme honey and virgin olive oil 


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Yorum Ekle

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