Top things to See in Lesvos

•    The Petrified Forest in Sigri, one of only two sites of its kind, recognized and admired around the world
•    The medieval castles at Mytilene, Sigri, Ancient Antissa, Molyvos
•    The vast and beautiful Gulfs of Kalloni and Geras
•    The ancient theater of Mytilene, a symbol of Ancient Greek culture
•    The Roman aqueducts found in the village of Moria; one of the more advanced technological feats of the time
•    The monasteries of Agios Raphael and Archangel Michael, two of the prettiest and historically significant monasteries on Lesvos island
•    The splendid and historical museums and exhibits on the island such as
      - Archeological museum in Mytilene
      - Museum of modern art, featuring works by Teriat, located in Varia
      - Theofilo’s museum also found in Varia
      - Ecclesiastical Byzantine museum, downtown Mytilene
      - Museum of natural history and Petrified Forest, Sigri of Lesvos
      - Digital museum of George Iakovides, located in Chidira

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