Transportation by sea to Psara

The trip to and from Psara by sea, can take about 5.30 to 9.30, depending on the port that you will decide to leave as well as from the number of islands that your ship will stop. Ferries or High Speed that travel to and from Piraeus, to Dodecanese, to Cyclades or even to the North Aegean islands have as a stopover the port of Psara.

The main routes are:

    Piraeus – Kythnos – Syros – Tinos, Ikaria – Psara – Chios
    Piraeus – Syros – Tinos – Psara – Chios
    Piraeus – Syros – Tinos – Ikaria – Samos – Psara – Chios
    Chios – Psara

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How to arrive

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