Vrontados is the second most popular city of the island after the town of Chios. It was built by the sea opposite the coast of Asia Minor and is three kilometers away from the capital. It is surrounded by farmlands with olives and fruit trees. Formerly, the area was called "Erithai," which in ancient Greek means farmer, because people mostly were engaged in agriculture. During the Revolution of 1821, the residents of Vrontados participated in the heroic struggles of the Greek nation.

Nowadays the residents of Vrontados are engaged in agriculture, fishing, trading as well as in shipping. Several of them have become great naval and ship owners with vessels. Moreover, according to a legend, Christopher Columbus himself before the big trip passed Vrontados and sought advice from experienced sailors in the region.

It is worth visiting the village during Easter and attending the spectacular rocket war that takes place between the two largest parishes of the village, Panagia Erithiani and Agios Markos (“San Marco”). In the same area also exists the School of Mary Erithiani with the beautiful pebbled courtyard. What is more, one of the most impressive sights is City Hall of Vrontados with its exquisite architecture.

Just outside the village you will find the Moni Myrsinidiou, which was founded by the monk Christopher Seremeli and is built in a beautiful seafront location. Close by are the churches of St. Stephen, St. Demetrios and the Cathedral of St. George. In addition, we suggest you to visit the marble monument of John Psycharis which is located on a hillside near Vrontados. On the tomb are engraved the words of the great Greek poet, who died in Paris and was moved to his beloved Chios to be buried.

North of the town is the famous Daskalopetra, where the great ancient poet Homer taught, according to tradition. It is a coastal area with clean water and much tourism. Here you will find the famous stone of Homer as well as the tomb of the Afanis Naftis (“Unknown Sailor”), a creation of the sculptor Athanasios Apartis.

On the west of the town, on the Mount Aepos is the archaeological site of Rimokastro. Ancient buildings of the 5th century BC have been discovered in the larger area. You can also visit the beautiful church of Agios Makarios, and the column of the heroes who died in the battles of Aepos in 1912.

Other major attractions are the archaeological sites of Delphini (“Dolphin”) as well as of Koila (“Hollow”) in the area of Langada, the Monastery of Agios Stefanos (“St. Stephen”) and the ruined village of Kydiantas. For the lovers of hiking we suggest them to follow the mountainous green route along the river Armenis, which ends in the settlement of Epos.

Last but not least, you can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters of Ormos Lo as well as of Paralia ton Glaron (“Beach of the Gulls”). It should be noted that Ormos Lo has been repeatedly awarded with the Blue Flag and is the best option for those who want to try water sports.

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