A few kilometers southwest of Agios Kirikos you will meet the coastal settlement of Xylosyrtis. At the edge of the village, you will find a spring that the locals call “Athanato Nero” (“Immortal Water”), which id diuretic, thus suitable for the treatment of kidney stones. Take notice of the elaborate temples with their beautiful steeples, which emerge among the narrow streets of this small village.

Only a little outside this settlement you will find the monastery of  the Annunciation of Lefkada’s Virgin Mary, with its elaborate wooden curved temple and the beautiful icons. If you are fond of hiking, you should follow the path that leads to the deserted medieval village of Kampas, which is not far away from Xylosyrtis.

Here you can also enjoy the beautiful clean beach with crystal clear water, while you can also look for the beach of Lefkados, where you can find the famous hot springs of Chlio Therma and Therma.

  • Adres: Xylosirti Ikaria
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