Transportation by sea to Inousses

Ιnousses are nine miles away from the port of Chios, just one hour by the boat “Ιnousses II”, which belongs to the Association “Friends of Ιnousses”. It makes this route every day, while in the summer months you will find more routes. On Ιnousses II you can also embark your car.

You can find water taxis running the line Chios to Ιnousses in the village Lagkadas of Chios. This route takes only twenty minutes. For those who wish to visit Ιnousses by their Private yacht, the port has major wells and to its marina electricity is supplied.

On the island you can travel by boat from the port of Piraeus, via Chios by ferry boat, running an about twelve hour trip.

Finally, the island has a helipad with modern and adequate equipment, used mainly in cases of emergency or in any case only after consultation with the municipality.

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How to arrive

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