Vafios - Beautiful views to Molyvos, the Aegean Sea and the Sunset

Vafios is a small settlement built on the western side of Mount Lepetymnos. It is a traditional village set at a 5-kilometer distance from Molyvos and walks from the resort to the wider Mithymna region bring to Vafios a number of visitors keen to admire the view and enjoy a meal in the oldest restaurant of the village.

Vafios offers beautiful views to Molyvos, its mountainous surroundings and the Aegean Sea and is considered a superb vantage point from which to enjoy the sunset. According to local rumor, the village name of Vafios is derived from the vivid red color of the village skies during sundown. There is only one way to test the accuracy of this romantic theory - if you’re in the area, do come to Vafios and enjoy its wonderful views of the setting sun.




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