Vathi - The Capital of Samos Island

The capital city of Samos, or as the locals call it Vathi, is the capital town of the island, built by the bay of Vathi, in the northeastern part Samos. By the early 19th century AD, its name was “Port of Vathi” or “Kato Vathi” (Lower Vathi) and it was the port of the first village of “Ano Vathi” (Upper Vathi). Later on, after the fear of pirates had been eliminated, it began to grow larger and in 1832, this village became the capital of the island.  The port of the city, known also as Waterfront, reaches a length of 1.5 kilometers.

The city of Samos and the traditional village of Ano Vathi, are now united and have a total population of 8.260 residents. The Upper Vathi, is located at an altitude of 90 meters above the city of Samos, in the valley between the mountains Varela and Koutsomylos. The city has been built since the middle of the 16th century by Peloponnesians who settled there, and is one of the oldest on the entire island. It should be noted that Vathi is the birthplace of the famous politician, Themistocles Sofoulis, as well as important revolutionaries of 1821 (Christodoulos Matakidis, Constantine Lachanas).

A stroll through the narrow lanes of Vathi, it is definitely worth making among the picturesque houses with their tiled roofs and many plateaus. Choose one of the many small taverns and cafes in order to enjoy the traditional cuisine of the island, or simply your coffee. Main sight of this settlement is the twin post-Byzantine temple of Saint John, a temple of unique architecture. Just outside the village, you will find the churches of Saint Kara and Saint Evangelistria where you should take a look at their elaborate frescoes.

After enjoying the view from Upper Vathi, go back to the town to take a walk at its large port and the beautiful classical and narrow streets. The most important sights of the city, is the main square of Pythagorion where you can see the famous lion, a work of art of the famous French  Bouchet,  and the Archaeological museum of Samos where you can take a look at the remarkable findings from the archaeological site of Ireon. Moreover, you can visit the Byzantine Museum, which is located in the Metropolitan Mansion, as well as the Art Gallery of the municipality, which is housed at the City Hall and has many significant historical relics. Behind the imposing Parliament, you will find the lush City Garden where there is a monument of the heroes who died during the battles of 1912-1913.

The town of Samos is the commercial center and you can find shops and markets that can provide you with anything you may need, Traditional taverns and restaurants are also around there, waiting for you to taste the local specialties to the accompaniment of the famous Samian wine. At night, the streets are full of young people going out to enjoy a drink at the numerous bars of the capital. Furthermore, because of the big number of tourists, many hotel accommodations have been built the last years. You can choose one of your likings and enjoy your stay.

Only a few kilometers outside Vathi, you will find the enchanting monasteries of Agia Zoni and Zodochou Pigi, which were built in the late 17th century and mid 18th. It is also worth visiting Samos Wine Museum (you can find it at Malagari location), which demonstrates the production as well as the history of the world famous Samian wine.

Last but not least, for those of you who love the sea, we would suggest that you visit the nearby pebble beaches of Gagou and Roditses. A few kilometers away from the capita, heading east, you can find the beaches of Livadaki and Saint Paraskevi, with clear blue waters.


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