Virgin Mary in Agiasos

You can find the temple of Virgin Mary in Agiasos and there you will admire a wondrous image of Virgin Mary. Its name comes from “Agia Sion” (Holy Sion). There is also a museum housed in the monastery’s property that you can visit.  It is widely believed that this image of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in Her arms, is created by Saint Luke and is made of mastic and candle. A monk named Agathonas, transferred the image from Jerusalem to Agiasos in 803 BC.

It is said that it is miraculous, thus it attracts many pilgrims especially on the 15th of August. If you find yourselves in Lesvos these days, you will be impressed by the amount of pilgrims, coming from every corner of the island, traveling by foot in order to get to Agiasos.


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