Vourliotes is a mountainous village of 468 inhabitants, perched on a green location on the mount Ampelos, about twenty kilometers away from Vathi. It is built in the late 16th century and is one of the oldest settlements of the island. Vourliotes owes its name to its first settlers, who came from an area of Asia Minor called Vourla.

Take a tour through the picturesque streets of the village, among the old buildings and admire the wonderful view from above. At the village’s central square, there are several traditional taverns and cafes, where you can sit down for lunching or just snacking. Sights of the village are the churches of Saint John the Theologian and Virgin Mary, as well as the stone built fount that springs clear water.

Just outside Vourliotes, lies the deserted village of Paleochori, where you can find the beautiful churches of Saint Matrona and Saint Pelagia. It is worth visiting the green area of Pnaka, near Paleochori, where is built the picturesque chapel of Saint John the Baptist next to a small fountain that springs cool water. Also, about twenty kilometers south of the village, is the famous monastery of Panagia Vrontiani (Virgin Mary Vrontiani) , with beautiful icons and a gilded carved screen.

Finally, in the area around Vourliotes, you will find many ruined castles that still leave their tracks, no matter the centuries that have passed.  The most famous of all those castles, is the medieval castle of Loulouda, the castle of Prohet Elijah and the Castle of Lazarus, which had been built during the 7th century BC.

For the ones that love the sea, our suggestion is to visit the quiet beaches of Avlakia and Campos, to enjoy your swimming in their beautiful crystal clear waters. Finally, it should be noted that the area around the settlement of Vourliotes, is the ideal choice for hiking.

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