Makri Gialos

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To the south of ancient Poliochnis, you’ll come across Makri Gialos, which, as its name suggests, is among the most extensive on the island, stretching out for several kilometers. Looking from above, the sandy beach appears to never end. Here…

Romeikos Gialos

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If you are looking for a nice place to go swimming in the city of Myrina, you don’t need to look further than Romeikos Gialos Beach. Set against the backdrop of a majestic, medieval castle, the shallow, crystal-clear waters and…

Myrina beach

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The beach at Myrina, rightly named after the island’s capital, is located along the western coastline and in the heart of the city. Myrina Beach carries with it an international flair that makes it popular with the locals and visitors…


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On the main road to Kaspaka, in a picturesque bay just a kilometer from the capital city, sits the beach at Avlona…distinguished by her transparent, clear-view waters and simplistic, sheer beauty. There are no signs of tourism development here, just…

Plati beach

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Also close to downtown Myrina, just a couple km away, is the popular beach in the village Plati. This inviting, sandy shoreline is a favorite with the locals and the tourists not only for its convenient location and easy access,…
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