What Types of Tourism Offered in Lesvos

On the island of Lesvos, you can discover and enjoy spiritual centers and the hot springs/mineral baths (with therapeutic and healing properties) as well as other attractions

Monasteries & Churches
•    Monastery at Ag. Raphael atop the Karyes hill in Thermi
•    Monastery Limonas just outside Kalloni
•    Monastery of Taxiarches in Mantamados
•    Monastery Ipsilou in Sigri
•    Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Petras, in Petra
•    Panagia Agiasou (Ag. Sion) in Agiasos
•    Panagia Krifti, 3 km from Melinta

Hot Springs & Mineral Baths
•    Gulf of Geras
•    Polichnitou and Lisvoriou
•    Loutropolis Thermis
•    Eftalou

Lesbian/Gay Friendly Holidays in Skala Eressos

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